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Dog clothes and dressing method

Dog clothes and dressing method
1, cold insulation: in this case, is a must to dog clothes, this is related to the health of it. Such as dog Chihuahua, Miniature Pinscher this kind of very small size and very thin fat content is very low, and very young, or is the old dog, they are afraid of the cold, resistance is relatively weak, in low temperature. The days go out, it is best to wear clothes. Only in this way can reduce the risk of their illness.
2, the need for cleaning: dogs do not need to often take a bath, but always a bath but may cause their skin problems. So it's dirty, wearing clothes that can keep them clean, and reduce the burden on the dog.
3, the protection of the body: with the dog out to play when some time to put on the clothes also have the advantage, for example, in the autumn with a dog to climb on the clothes can avoid the dog's body to bring back too many plant seeds, also can prevent insects climb to the dog's hair.
How to dress the dog:
1, don't wear long time: go out to wear, come back to take off, can avoid the above said three "bad".
2, pay attention to the fabric: cotton, wool like fabrics of natural selection, can maximum reduce the lead dog skin allergies, such as itching, but also to reduce electrostatic damage to the dog's fur.
3, choose the clothes fit: This do not elaborate, driving the dog loose style as well.