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How to treat pet clothing

How to treat pet clothing
Do the magic of the servant, you have to have love, let it hurt, it does not use violence to treat dogs. You have to tune it in haste, it produce the atmosphere, because of noise. Don't dismiss it, a day bring it out slowly.
If the conditions, give the dog accounts, buy pet supplies, pet toys, grooming, the prevalence of terrible to take it to see a doctor, like a child to take care of it eat, sleep, play. Every day to bring it out in the sun, so that the dog's weakness is long. Only you are not busy with social activities, the time to take care of it.
Family support. Dog is a member of the family, so you in the dog before certainly have the consent of the family with the consent of the, people are willing to suffer for it, and everyone can and peaceful coexistence. When you have something, the family can take care of him, not hate it.
Some dogs prefer to wear pet clothes, like the clothes found it straight.