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Dogs are not willing to comb hair how to do it

Dogs are not willing to comb hair how to do it
His family raised dog, especially since childhood, are generally willing to let the owner for the special love, some sort of. But there are also individual dogs, because do not have from childhood comb gross habits, or in the original master no combed, when new owner to comb it is hair, the dog may subconsciously rebellion, even in combing to abdominal or near the head of the place, it will make bite your movements, so you won't be able to sort out.
The way to improve the situation is to try to use a mild tone when you give the dog a hair. Dogs don't want to comb to oppose, do not scold it, use other ways to touch it, eliminate it is wary of, while quietly praise and stroked it, while continuing to comb their dogs gradually can adapt. Can also be a day to eat breakfast before the time to give it a comb, comb hair and then feed the dog to eat, so that the dog can only have a thing to eat after combing the conditioned reflex, it may be easier to accept. Individual really not obedient dog, in order to prevent the dog bite when combing, can be the first dog's mouth tied up before combing. Tied preferably mouth with gauze, gauze soft will not engage in pain in the dog's mouth for, with gauze from the dog's nose to Chin around a circle, tie a knot, then went around to the back of the neck tied. After a few times, the dog gradually adapted to the comb hair, will get rid of the bad habits do not allow combing.