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To punish the dog for two common errors

To punish the dog for two common errors
1 attitude is not strong enough
A lot of people in punishing dogs, tone is very gentle, for example, there are people who will say: "well behaved, hush, trouble, I can not happy, OK no trouble ah...". Dogs do not understand the language, so in this case, they will think that you are not punished them, but a reward.
2 call them when they are punished or call them by name.
A lot of dogs are going to run away, some parents will call them back, and then severe punishment, this is a very bad habit of training, the dog will think that it has been subject to the "over" this command, the results are subject to punishment. Similarly, a lot of people in the process of punishment scold they called their names. It also needs to change. Because punished if their name is called, they will punish in the context of their name together, with the passage of time will dislike to his name, the next time you call them, they will want to "is not also be punished?"?
In the process of training a dog, reasonable reward and punishment is the key to success, and a lot of people know that in training must be rewarded, and only need to correct the wrong time to use punishment.