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On the choice of dog bite gum and molar bone

On the choice of dog bite gum and molar bone
1 dog bite gum and bone of the molars
First of all, to choose a dog bite glue and bone to the teeth to pay attention to the problem, the size of the problem need not be carefully said, too big dog eating is not convenient, too small dogs easy to swallow the whole thing, like the dog, will get stuck in the esophagus. Besides the hardness of the problem, the dog's teeth although hard, but the gums but the meat long. If you choose excellent dog biting gum and teeth bone, you'll find dogs for their persistent levels can let them without regard to chew ah chew ah, sometimes gums is hiccup hemorrhage still eating.
2 dogs have to keep the dog bite and chew gum to keep the attention of the bone.
Dog bite dog bites are we compare quiet when molar bone glue and, dogs don't pestering you want to play with you, but you cannot have a big heart, but not often see it at a glance. If the above mentioned the bite of the gums are bleeding, do not let it bite, at least let it rest a bit to eat, so as not to hurt the gums. In addition to the dog bite and chew gum and bone to eat a very small piece of the good things to be confiscated, because it is likely not to chew and choose to swallow.
3 white dog do not buy a color of the dog bite
If it is white dog do not pay attention to the choice is the color of the dog biting glue and molar bone: but this is a rule of thumb, Dangdang my house is white, a few days ago bought a red bone molar, people with two front paws holding chew ah chew ah, later on the two front legs are made of red, it is not easy to wash.