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Stop trick dog licking random people

Stop trick dog licking random people
Stop the dog licking random kiss must start early stage, try not to let the dog puppies lick over. If the puppy licks your face and hands, you should not face and hands not to let the dog to lick, and softly scold it. But do not severely punish it, because it is a dog to lick a kiss, said too harsh punishment or blame will let Gou Er at a loss, to more than a kiss to apologize.
In addition, when Gou Er enthusiastically embrace your arms and to you crazy licking a kiss, you should first open the dog, let Gou Er calm down, and then to touch it. If you insisted on the dog to lick and kiss, can pull collar to tear it. When the dog to stop licking behavior, pat the dog body, touch, can also be used to praise tone to encourage the puppy, when necessary can also throw a small toys to play, praised!
And when the dog doesn't stop kissing and can also be used in peacetime training command, for example, Heling dog to "sit"! "Freeze!" lie! "And so on. If the dog obeyed the order, immediately give appropriate incentives, let the dog not lick reflex kiss when reward.