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Training the dog to stay in the cage

Training the dog to stay in the cage
It's a pleasure to make the dog think that it's a happy thing. It's the most important thing for a dog's cage:
1, with food induced dog
First use food to attract the attention of the dog, and then the dog into the cage with food. Then be sure to say it to the "room" and then give it the food.
2, recognition of the cage into the dog
When the dog enters the cage, he will give it to the food and praise it. And then use the food to induce it to go out of the cage, the dog after the timely recognition of it. Repeated such training.
3, close the door
When the dog is familiar with the steps of the cage, tell it to "wait for", and gently close the cage door.
4, let it quietly waiting for
Then train it in the cage to be able to quietly wait, first leave it for 1 minutes, then gradually increase the time and distance to leave it, so that it adapts.
5, quiet waiting for the need to give praise if the dog in a cage has been a quiet stay, it is necessary to properly reward it, give it a good thing; if it in a cage showed violent, scratching rampage to severely reprimanded it.